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Brief Introduction of Customized repair / Maintenance Agreement

  • Definition
    With the acknowledgement of Wisdom's qualification, repair and maintenance capabilities and repair charges, customers are willing to sign SLA on component level repair and maintenance services on exclusive bases.
  • Purpose
    Without changing customers’ existing ownership of equipment, Wisdom Service provides door-to-door, one-stop and value added repair and maintenance solutions with its core advantages.

    By reducing overall administration and operation cost, the customers may allocate more resources focusing on upgrading their core-competitiveness and value.
  • Product, Brand, Model and Fault Category





Repair of main board, power supply and graphic card.



Repair of main board, LCD panel, IO boards, graphics cards and AC adaptor.


Server Repair of main board and power supply. From ¥800
Desktop software maintenance Maintenance and optimization of operating system, 0ffice software and anti-virus. ¥150/computer/times
Hard Drive Data Recovery System software and RAID data recovery. From ¥500(As the capacity)
Data recovery due to HD physical damage.(including IDE\laptop\SCSI hard drive) ¥2000~6000
 1、3 months of labor warranty with same problem.
 2、Contracted customers may enjoy express service specified in SLA and free machine cleaning.
 3、Wisdom Service provides free door-to-door pickup and delivery service to contracted customers in Beijing area.
  • Standard Service Response Time and Repair TAT
    The standard service response time is one working hour. Wisdom Service promises to resolve trouble within five working days (9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, ex holidays).
  • SLA requirement of Gold, Sliver, and Bronze Services

Service Mode

Door-to-Door Service

Site Arrival Time

Trouble Resolve Time





Spare parts



4 hours

4 hours

Within one working day


8 hours

8 hours

Within two working days



24 hours)

24 hours

Within three working days

  • More VAS
    Regular reports on equipment and system maintenance.
    Failure analysis and improvement suggestion and implementation.
    Dedicated customer support manager’s regular face to face discussion.
    Database of equipment maintenance service record for customer easy access.
    Assistance in improving clients’ one-stop desktop IT asset management solutions.
    Procurement and delivery of spare parts, system and office supplies on behalf of clients.
Brief Introduction of Warranty Repair Agreement Service
  • Definition
    For easy understanding, this service is more like purchasing insurance or purchasing warranty service from service provider to ensure equipments in a good condition.
  • Purpose
    Significantly reduce down cycle time.
    Enjoy on-site, one-stop and world-class services.
    Expenditure control in advance.
  • Product, Brand, Parts and Price



IT desktop support services Hardware outsourcing services:
 1、Servers:HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Lenovo, etc.
 2、Workstations:HP, Compaq, IBM, Dell, etc.
 3、Clients:various brands of desktop and laptop.
 4、Printer installation, use and troubleshooting.
 5、Peripheral equipments:Scanners, plotters, projectors, etc.
Software outsourcing services:
 1、Maintenance and optimization of operating system.
 2、Maintenance of commonly used office software.
 3、Regular anti-virus check and virus killing.
 4、Desktop centralized management system.
 5、Hard disk check and data recovery regularly.
LAN/WAN technical support service Including installation and configuration of hardware and software, network equipment troubleshooting, etc.
Data backup solution  1、Strategy and solution for data backup.
 2、System and data backup storage implementation.
 3、Storage products installation, deployment and troubleshooting service.
Email and information groupware system Email system planning, design, implementation and deployment
Email system maintenance, migration, upgrade, optimization and troubleshooting
Migration and upgrade services Operating system, network/database system assessment, migration and upgrade
Technical WLAN services WLAN design and access services
WLAN site testing and analysis services
Indication:Warranty repair services with the following support services
 1、Once a month door-to-door inspection, maintenance, clean-up and anti-virus.
 2、24-hour Call center support with a dedicated line, one working day on-site maintenance services.
 3、Database of equipment maintenance service record for customer easy access.
 4、Failure analysis and improvement suggestion and implementation.
  • Implementing Process
    Confirm the equipments part list >> Risk and capability assessment by Wisdom Service >> Both parties agree upon terms of SLA, including warranty repair provisions, service flow, contract period, premium and exclusions. >> Database of equipment maintenance service record for customer easy access (including customer information management, service level management, contract management, service support and process management and spare parts/equipment inventory management, etc.) >> Service initializes.
  • Value to the customer
    You may access to excellent service support certificated by global customers.
    You may allocate more resources on improving your own core-competitiveness and value.
    You may reduce your TCO with advance knowledge of the expenditure and service performance.
    You may make up for the shortage of your equipment maintenance technology and resource management.
Any question, please call our service hot line.

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